Kevin Brown
Songwriter Musician Radio Host
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Singer-songwriter Kevin Brown makes his home in rural Northeastern Washington state, not too far from the farms where two sets of great-grandparents settled a century ago. The rich natural surroundings serve as a metaphor for exploring the landscapes of the heart and soul -- faith, family, love, the passage of time, and the interwoven fabric of earth and humanity.

"Brown's thoughtful lyrics, too smart and expansive for country's limited vocabulary, call up the natural landscape as the setting for often unexpected stories and reflections. Along the way, his words work wonders. In his middle age and thus done with the foolishness of youth, Brown has endured on this Earth long enough to have figured out what matters." - Jerome Clark,

In addition to his songwriting, Kevin is well-known in the Inland Northwest as the host of the popular radio program Front Porch Bluegrass heard weekly since 2002 on Spokane Public Radio, and as mandolin player in the popular and long-running Rhythm & Bluegrass band Big Red Barn. He has also served for many years as the Music Director for The Blue Waters Bluegrass Festival which has grown to become one of the most popular summertime bluegrass festivals in the Northwest. Through these endeavors Kevin has worked with some of the best folk musicians around and has been inspired by a rich legacy of American roots music.

"Kevin Brown's songs are earthy but magical tales. There is no contradiction there. Listening to his songs, you get grit in the soles of your boots, and you see marvels, visions which can inspire amazement or fear." -

"Easy on the ears, gentle on the mind and a balm for the soul."  - David McGee, The Bluegrass Special



With Ben Winship, Natalie Padilla & Eric Thorin

#3 on the FolkDJ chart for November, 2019!

"With enviable economy and precision reminiscent of Guy Clark, Brown's lyrics capture snapshots of extraordinary aspects of ordinary life. His vocal delivery, at once intimate and nonchalant, is refreshingly (and mercifully) free of pop-style vocal stunts; it's his storytelling that packs wallop after wallop to the head and heart. This is not background music - you'll want to hear every word."   - Award winning songwriter Kristen Grainger of Kristen Grainger & True North


"If this were an album of photographs, they would be beautiful, majestic ones that reach down deep into the soul. Book of Skies is a strong contender for one of the best releases of Americana music by a singer-songwriter this year." - Terry Roland, No Depression


"I don't know where Kevin Brown found his songwriting mojo, but it runs in him like the mighty rivers he sings about. From beginning to end, Kevin's sophomore recording, The Beloved Country, is chock full of rich poetry and entertaining storytelling. As the title suggests, many of the songs are rooted in place - he is clearly a keen observer and a man of the earth. Beyond the words, the cd also presents everything I like to hear musically - compelling vocals, tasty arrangements and inventive instrumentation. - Singer/Songwriter/Producer Ben Winship


"The County Primaries is easily one of the best debut albums of 2010 and it reveals Brown as a singer-songwriter with an eye for detail, an ear for melody, and the perfect voice to tie it together. Listening to this album, I get the feeling that these are the types of songs Johnny Cash would have loved. Brown has a great talent as a performer and his songwriting skills are unmatched among the new breed of singer-songwriters to emerge over the past few years. Yet neither of those things are what really keeps me coming back to this album. That can only be accomplished by sincerity and heart, two things Brown and his album have plenty of." - - Adam Sheets, No Depression